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Dash Cam Installation Service in Los Angeles CA

Are you looking for a reliable dash cam installation service in Los Angeles, CA? Look no further than J.D. Mobile Car Audio. We specialize in installing high-quality dashcams to protect you and your vehicle. Our experienced technicians have completed installations for countless satisfied customers throughout Los Angeles. Whether you’re concerned about safety and security or just want to keep a visual record of your journeys, our service is designed to meet your needs efficiently.

We’ve worked on various vehicles, from family cars to large fleets, and our client satisfaction rate speaks volumes. Over 99% of our clients return to us for additional services, reflecting our commitment to quality and customer service. We are confident in delivering flawless results with over a thousand successful installations. Our dashcams are sourced from leading manufacturers, ensuring you receive only the best products that offer reliability and performance. Beyond installation, we provide maintenance services to ensure your dashcam continues to function perfectly, helping you avoid any lapses in recording or performance.

Smooth Dashcam Installation Process

At J.D. Mobile Car Audio, our dashcam installation process is streamlined to ensure minimal disruption to your schedule. When we come to your vehicle, we start by consulting with you to find the best dashcam solution that fits your needs. We consider factors like camera resolution, storage capacity, and additional features like GPS integration. Our technicians are trained to handle installations carefully, ensuring your dashcam is set up without interfering with existing vehicle functions. We provide clear, affordable pricing for all our dashcam installation packages, which are personalized to meet various needs and budgets.

We use the latest tools and techniques for dashcam installation service in Los Angeles, CA, integrating it flawlessly with your vehicle’s electrical system. Common problems such as improper wiring or camera placement are never an issue with our skilled technicians. We also offer customized installations, placing cameras discreetly to maintain the aesthetics of your vehicle while providing optimal coverage. Each installation includes a thorough walkthrough of your new system, showing you how to access and interpret the footage, ensuring you maximize your dashcam’s capabilities. Call us today!

Why Choose Us

On-Site Installation

For all fleets and individuals, we offer on-site installation service, and our technicians will come to your location in Los Angeles to install your dashcam.

Post-Installation Checks

We conduct thorough post-installation checks to ensure every system runs correctly and efficiently, reducing the risk of future issues.

Innovative Technology Integration

We constantly update our service offerings with the latest dashcam technology, including AI-enhanced cameras that offer superior image clarity and incident analysis.


Yes, we offer dual dashcam systems that record front and rear views. These are particularly popular among drivers who want full coverage.

Yes, after installation, our technicians will guide you through the basic operations of your dashcam, including how to access and save footage.

Yes, the dashcams we install are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, making them suitable for the varying climate conditions in Los Angeles.